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X RAY CT ,MRI                                        AE----Abu Dhabi           
X Ray Doing                                  77299   US-TX-Houston             
X Ray Insurance                              19446   US-PA-Lansdale            
X Ray Medical Technician                             US-De-New Delhi           
X Ray Operator                               84097   US-UT-Orem                
X ray screener                                       US-Ku-Qibla               
X Ray Security Guard                                 US----Paranaque City      
X ray Systems Engineer                       32899   US-FL-Orlando             
x ray tec                                            IN----                    
X ray Tech                                   78299   US-TX-San Antonio         
X ray tech / Radiographer                            US-Ch-Chandigarh          
X RAY TECHICIAN                                      IN----Noida               
X Ray technician                                     IN----Delhi               
X ray technician                                     CA----Lucknow             
X ray technician                                     CA----Delhi               
X Ray Technician                             91392   US-CA-sylmar              
X ray technician                                     US-Ch-Industrial Area Phas
X ray technician                                     CA----Delhi               
X Ray Technician                             44141   US-OH-Brecksville         
x ray technician                                     IN----Anand               
X ray technician                                     US-Ta-Erode               
X ray Technician                                     US-Ch-Chandigarh          
X ray technician                             62052   CA----New Delhi           
x ray technician                                     US-YT-jalalabad           
x ray technician                                     SA----Jeddah              

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